Thursday, April 23, 2009

The BIG 3

I can't believe my little Peter is 3 years old. Time is flying and it is seriously terrifying. Before I know it my babies are going to be having their own babies.
Our little Peter has been so fun today. We tried to wake him up this morning with a Haas rendition of "Happy Birthday" and he slept right through it. It took a bit of nudging by Dane and more singing to get him to wake up, which he finally did, happily. The big scores of the day have been the new "running shoes" from Nana and Papa Lauri and the GeoAir set from us. The boys have been having so much fun all day. Peter wore those shoes the entire day, inside and out. I had to convince him that he wasn't old enough to go running out on the road like mom. He was pretty upset about that.
He is just such a big boy. Yesterday he got a special birthday date with Grandma. It just made me realize how big he is getting. He had such a great time, one on one with Grandma. Last night they came over with cake and he was so serious/shy through the whole song and when it came time he gave a quick little puff and all the candles were out. Hard to describe, but it was so funny. He's a natural.
Anyway, sweet Pete. I love you!

A little help from Dad. Ooo... got it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Nacho" average Easter

Extremely corny, I know, but I was trying to figure out how to combine these two posts. So, I'm not particularly proud to say that my kids have watched the movie "Nacho Libre". Not that it is really bad, it just has some WWF type fighting in it. It is one of those so so stupid movies that it is funny. Not funny enough for me to watch more than once though. Anyway, the other morning Dane got up and said. "Mom, I want a mask just like Nacho's". So, here is our version of Nacho Libre. They have had many battles, which have resulted in the masks having to be taken away unfortunately, but it has provided some good entertainment.

Here are some pics of Easter day at our house and with the Downs cousins. So fun.