Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey all! Sorry again it has been so long. We are getting settled in our new place and I guess I have gotten a little lazy :) So, a quick update:

Dad came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago today! He did come home with the feeding tube for the first 5 days, getting fed during the night. He still was just not feeling well, having a very difficult time eating, and VERY weak. He got down to 150 pounds at one point during that week I think. On Friday of that week he met with Dr. Sharma, his oncologist. Basically what we learned was that they like to do radiation after a Whipple and it is only proven to be effective if done within the first 3 months after surgery. This is my understanding. It is done to try to wipe out any remaining cancer cells that may have been damaged or weakened or left behind during the surgery. If a person, like my dad, is unable to do the radiation within that time period than usually they don't do anything. They continue doing checkups and scans every couple of months and watch for signs of cancer growing or spreading. SO, basically my dad has 2 weeks before his 3 month window is up and he is doing his best to be healthy enough to do the radiation. He is going back in on Saturday for a CAT scan and then Monday to see Dr. Sharma again to see if he is well enough...

So, that Friday with Dr. Sharma he had his feeding tube pulled out and went home to conquer the world. Much to my dad's frustration he didn't start feeling better the next day, or even 10 days later. He still isn't feeling well most of the time, he hasn't gained a pound, his energy is horrible, and eating makes him sick. BUT he is home and he is free. He drives himself around all over the place and is able to be somewhat human. Better right?

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Amylee said...

I think better with a question mark pretty much sums it up. Hoping for the best at his next appointment.