Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great news at last!

Hey all,

So I know I haven't posted in a while. First I feel like there hasn't really been any news, and we have been finishing up our house and just moved in yesterday!

That isn't the great news though... Dad went to see Dr. Mulvihill up at the Huntsman and he got his last 2 drains removed and was told that he didn't need the IV antibiotics anymore!!!! And, the doc thought that they should remove the feeding tube and send dad home on Monday. WOW! So, I think dad is going to have them remove the feeding tube, but he better be ready to do some serious eating or he is going to end up having it put back in... I think it will be a lot easier to eat at home. The hospital food make him nauseous ;)

The not so good news is that he does still have cancer in his lymph nodes, like we already knew, and the docs think he should start chemo in the next 2-4 weeks :( It is obviously his choice and they said he could just wait and watch for symptoms and have regular checkups and scans/blood work. I don't think he is going to be ready in 2-4 weeks. He is down to 158 pounds and has a lot of recovering still to do. Not sure what to think about the whole chemo things. Ultimately I guess it is up to him.

Anyway, thanks for all the visits to Dad. It means a lot to him. He gets VERY lonely down there in Orem. Love you all!


The Tomlinsons said...

So glad he's improving! I am having a hard time imagining how skinny he must be at 158 pounds, though. We will keep him in our prayers. Congrats on moving into your new house!

Deanna said...

Sister speak alike I guess, because I was going to say, "So glad he's improving!" as well! Which of course I am. We will continue to pray for him!

Amylee said...

Such good news! I'm so happy for you all. I can tell your spirits have been lifted.